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Volume-2 Issue-2, July - 2023
Published by: GIET University Journal

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Authour Ayushman Patra, JhasaketanPradhan, Abhilash kullu, Yaswant Deepala, Rakesh Sahu
Paper Title Exploring the Potential of Fuel Cell-Based Microgrids for Reliable and Sustainable Energy Delivery

Authour Nandita Khosla, Anurag Batsa, Spandan Nayak, B. Vikram Anand
Paper Title Exploring the Benefits and Challenges of Hybrid Inverter Systems for Solar-Grid Applications

Authour Siba Prasad Naik Behera, Tanmay Mohanta, Suresh Kumar, Sujan Sahu, B. Vikram Anand
Paper Title IOT Based Battery Analytics through Machine Learning

Authour Anshu Singh, Amitesh Kumar, Anshu Priya Yadav, Rakesh Sahu, Bishwajit Dey
Paper Title Genetic Algorithm based demand side management for dynamic economic dispatch of microgrid system

Authour Bibhuti Ranjan Das, Arup Kumar Padhi
Paper Title AI-Enabled FinTech B2B Invoice Management Application

Authour Sunil Padhy, Bibek KUmar Patel
Paper Title To Enhance the Power Quality of Wind Turbines under Unbalanced Voltage Condition

Authour Chiranjibee Nayak, NitishPasayat, Smruti Rekha Meher, Aryan Sahu, Himansu Bhusan Sahoo, Kishore Sethi
Paper Title IOT Enabled Dual-Axis Solar Tracker: A Comprehensive Review

Authour Narottam Tulo, Soumya Sucharita Behera
Paper Title Recent Research on Optoelectronics Devices

Authour Janmanjay Parida, Subash Rout, Radha Krushna Padhi
Paper Title Optimum parameter for the solvent Extraction of vanadium from its impurities

Authour Jitendra Kumar Sahoo, Yasvanti Choudhury, Ankita Dash, C. Bharati
Paper Title Recent Advancement Of Potential Adsorbent Towards Cr (Vi) & Cr (Iii) Removal: A Review

Authour Gargi Panigrahy
Paper Title Organic Farming –A Bonanza For Agriculture

Authour Juhi Rath, Biswajit Mohanty, Tushar Kanta Pradhan, Rakesh Kumar Sukla, Anil Pradhan, Jitendra Kumar Sahoo
Paper Title Removal of Hg(II) through adsorption process from wastewater: A review

Authour Mithlesh Kumar Kapar, Sibo Prasad Patro,
Paper Title An Empirical Study and Analysis of Classification Algorithms for Heart Disease Prediction